Project Zero

What is Project Zero?

Long ago, in the before times (around about 2019), a young Mage skilled in the craft of Pressing Words became aware of others looking to embark on the journey of learning this powerful magicks. He sought to create an aide, a guide for beginners taking their first steps on the path to their development. This guide became known as “Project Zero” and would grow and evolve to respect and hold true two of the Prime Dieties: Sehanine, the Moonweaver; and Avandra, the Changebringer.

Project Zero is a boilerplate theme and plugin for WordPress. It was created in 2019 as just a theme, and at the time was just for developers to create their own projects with ease, or as a starter theme for experienced developers. It came from my own experience of using a starter theme for clients, and added functionality to help WordPressers publish the theme to clients or the wider environment.

Since that first release, it has undergone some changes. It is still predominantly designed to aide new WordPress developers and give them a springboard to developing their own projects, or by more advanced developers for their own works. Version v0.3 can now stand on its own as a simple theme, and the styles and fonts have been included to make that possible.

It also brings about a plugin that can work with the theme. The plugin currently adds a custom post type to extend the functionality of the theme, with the option for future releases to include new functions, including widgets for popular page builders such as Elementor. Like the theme, the plugin can stand on its own and works with any theme.

Both the theme and the plugin are open-source and released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. You can download and fork the theme at, or the plugin at

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