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Project Zero is dead. Long live Project Zero.

Long ago, in the before times (around about 2019), a young Mage skilled in the craft of Pressing Words became aware of others looking to embark on the journey of learning this powerful magicks. He sought to create an aide, a guide for beginners taking their first steps on the path to their development.

Tech Advice

Why you should never, ever use nulled themes

One of the things that makes WordPress so good to use is how customisable it can be. You can choose any theme or plugin you want, from any marketplace or any site, or you can code your own, and WordPress will run on your site.

Getting Personal

Second-quarter review (April – June)

It’s now a little over three months since I last checked in, and six months since I did my end-of-year review. Things have changed quite a bit since, so I think it’s time to check in with you all.

Something I found

Four cool, non-numeric naming conventions

So it’s no secret that Ikea has some unusual names for products, especially to an English-reading eye.  If I told you that I recently bought a “Bjorkasen”, you’d assume I had bought a child from an Icelandic singer.


What the hell is the GPL?

If you’ve been using WordPress, developed for WordPress, or looked into WordPress – or software development as a whole – you’ll likely have heard of the GNU General Public Licence or GPL. But what the hell is it?

Tech Advice

HTTP Codes and Redirects

If you have used the Internet for any amount of time, you’ll become familiar with some numerical codes. They’re usually related to errors, such as 404 (Page not Found), 403 (Forbidden), and 500 (Server Error).

Tech Advice

Why you need to use SSL on your website

Security is one of the most important advances in technology these days.  Whether it’s WhatsApp encryption or governments wanting access to encrypted devices, there’s a lot of talk about security and the importance of encryption.


What am I going to do with two brands?

Back in 2021, I decided that I would work on my branding for both this site and my professional site.  I sat and thought about how to make sure everything had its place since managing two sites takes its toll after a while.

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