Hi, my name is

Nathan Hawkes

I’ve been coding since 2002, coding professionally since 2006, and I’ve been working with WordPress since 2007. I’m a certified digital marketer, experienced in digital marketing strategy and practices, qualified in digital media production, and a qualified teacher (to PTTLLS 3). I also write, blog, pontificate, and occasionally misquote movies and TV shows.

Who is the WordPress Bard?

That would be me. Hi! Nice to meet you. How are you doing, friend? You’re looking well. Have you done something with your hair? It looks so good, it really suits you!

So, welcome to my domain. I’m so glad you found it. I do all sorts of crazy stuff here. It’s not only related to WordPress and web development, but I like to use this as my playground and my occasional soapbox. Every good Bard needs a place to inspire and entertain people, and I hope to do that here. I sometimes post personal projects that I want to show off, or I will write something about my life or something in the news, or I will rant about something important

Interested in learning more about me?  Keep scrolling, and may the Server approve all of your requests.

Here's what I do ...

Web Design

From HTML to PHP, CSS to JS, website development is a passion of mine. I create websites for a variety of audiences in a variety of sizes.


The world's favourite CMS is a favourite of mine. WordPress is my go-to site management system, and I love to develop custom sites with it.


Not only am I a qualified teacher (PTTLS Level 3), I've designed and created workshop programmes and class material from scratch.


Whether it's a personal brand or a corporate brand, I love to create identities that fit client needs beyond the logo and colour scheme.

Here's some of my work ...

If you want to see my professional work

visit my business profile at cocode.co.uk, where you can also hire me.

And here's an insight into my mind and life.