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(Finally) Introducing Project Zero

I’ve done it. I’ve actually done it. After a long time of planning, developing, testing, scheduling, procrastinating, I have finally finished a project I have wanted to complete for a long time.

I am a proud WordPress developer, I’ve been building WordPress themes and plugins for a long time and I would never use another system. I know that WordPress development is widely populated, but I still think going into WordPress development is worthwhile. There are so many websites to work on and all of them will need developers and site managers.

WordPress has given me a lot of love over the years, so it feels only right that I show some love back. A lot of clients have benefited from my work and my skills, but there are plenty of others who want to get into WordPress theme development, either as a hobby or a career. While it creates more competition for me, what better way is there for me to give back to the community than with a starter theme.

With that, Project Zero was born.

What is Project Zero?

Project Zero is a free, open-source theme released under the GPL version 3 licence. It has been created as a starting point for developers, with some essential functions included. It can also be used by experienced developers as a way to speed up development – it is why I use it. It also includes Plugin Update Checker from YahnisElsts so you don’t need to rely on the WordPress repository to release your plugins, and TGM Plugin Activation so you can include essential plugins in your themes.

Can I use it anywhere?

Sure! You can even use it in commercial projects. I have made this available without cost to you because I want to give something back to the community, but that doesn’t mean you cannot develop on top of it and release your own theme for profit.

The only thing that you need to do is maintain the GPL version 3 licence, keeping it within the open-source ecosystem. Not my condition, it’s a precondition of the licence. Using the licence means:

  • You or anyone can download and run the software without restrictions
  • You or anyone can make changes to the software as desired
  • You or anyone can redistribute the software freely
  • You or anyone can modify, remix, rebrand, and distribute copies of new versions of the software

Where can I find it?

Visit the Project Zero project page or go to the Project Zero repo on GitHub to download your own copy. You can also make a fork of the project and make any changes you want to it.

Enjoy Project Zero with , and if it helps, make sure you give something back to this great community because it would not be as strong or as powerful without you.

Have you used it in your projects? Do you use WordPress in your own projects? Share them in the comments below.

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