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Project Zero is dead. Long live Project Zero.

Long ago, in the before times (around about 2019), a young Mage skilled in the craft of Pressing Words became aware of others looking to embark on the journey of learning this powerful magicks. He sought to create an aide, a guide for beginners taking their first steps on the path to their development.

Tech Advice

Why you should never, ever use nulled themes

One of the things that makes WordPress so good to use is how customisable it can be. You can choose any theme or plugin you want, from any marketplace or any site, or you can code your own, and WordPress will run on your site.


What the hell is the GPL?

If you’ve been using WordPress, developed for WordPress, or looked into WordPress – or software development as a whole – you’ll likely have heard of the GNU General Public Licence or GPL. But what the hell is it?


Why do I use WordPress?

I’ve been using WordPress since 2007, and I wouldn’t dream of using another system to manage my sites. It’s not because I don’t know what I’m doing – I can code in HTML and CSS, as well as PHP and JavaScript, and I can connect a site to MySQL with ease.

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