A blank theme to help designers create their first theme for WordPress.

Suitable for beginners and freelancers.

What is ProjectZero?

ProjectZero is a free, open source theme for WordPress.  It has been designed for WordPress developers to make site creation easier.  It offers a basic framework and rudimentary set of files to allow a theme to be deployed almost instantly, as well as encouraging theme development from new developers.

It can also be used by the experienced developers to make site creating easier (that’s what we use it for anyway), and is a useful tool to deploy new themes with minimal effort.

Why did I make ProjectZero?

ProjectZero was created as a starting point for my own themes.  I would always create a blank theme and find myself copying the same starter blocks over and over again.  I then decided to create my own starter theme, but this was regularly pushed to the backburner.  After a while, I decided to go ahead with it, but then it had evolved.  What started life as a necessity to save valuable time for me morphed into a full project for budding developers to use as a launchpad into a freelancing career.


Documentation is available to cover some of the theme’s capabilities.  Articles will be added over time for some of the specific functions, as well as a list of useful links for further reading and theme development tips.

Project Features

Open Source, Free as in Speech

ProjectZero is released under the GPL Public License version 3, making it fully compatible with WordPress and keeping it in the spirit of the Open Source movement.

Free as in beer, as well as in speech

ProjectZero isn’t just free for you to use as you wish, it’s free of charge too. All we ask is that you release your theme under the GPL Public License version 3 as well.

Custom Logo and Header support

ProjectZero includes support for adding a custom logo and header using WordPress’s Customizer settings. Just look under Appearance > Customise.

TGMPA and GitHub Update support

ProjectZero comes with support built in for TGM Plugin Activation and Plugin Update Script by Yahnis Elsts, making it easier for you to set up your site.

Responsive ready, with @media support for CSS

ProjectZero is responsive out of the box, using @media support and stylesheets for each device (desktop.css, tablet.css, and mobile.css).

Ready to go, right out of the box

Once you download and install ProjectZero, everything is there. You can make any changes, or you can use it as a standalone theme without customising any code.

Project Changelog


  • Added
    • Added theme.json file

    • Added custom post type template (go to plugin)

    • Added custom metabox template (go to plugin)

    • Added single-portfolio.php and archive-portfolio.php for custom post types (CPT file is in p0-plugin)

    • Added custom taxonomy (categories and tags) (go to plugin)

    • Added template_part to index.php and archive.php

    • Added alternative layouts for index.php and archive.php - without sidebar and 3-up grid

    • Added Google Fonts ('Roboto') and Font Awesome v6.3.0

    • Added WordPress-compatible readme.txt file

    • Added embed files for internal posts

  • Updated
    • Updated YahnisElsts/plugin-update-checker to v5.0.0

    • Cleaned up wp_head and wp_admin_head code (moved to inc/header.php)


  • Added
    • Added hooks to remove functions that could be exploited

  • Changed
    • Bug fixes


  • Added
    • Additional headers for style.css, including preview information for WordPress

    • New default logo, new screenshot.png file

  • Removed
    • Removed local FontAwesome instance

    • Restored default WordPress comments function

  • Changed
    • Improved comments in code

    • Removed unnecessary comments, attributes and variables

    • Set Theme URL in style.css as default GitHub repo URL for plugin-update-checker

  • Updated
    • Updated YahnisElsts/plugin-update-checker to v4.11


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