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Why I will “never” work with Romanian Web Developers and Designers

I read this article earlier when following a link for some free UI elements.  Yes, I get emails from web freebie websites, don’t freak out.  Anyway, I saw this and read it, concerned that it might actually be legitimate.  Which was odd for me to think in hindsight because I know that Creative Tim was founded by Romanians.  Still, I read it and completely agree with every word in the article.  Because it is pure sarcasm, and sarcasm is my first language.  It was so witty that even my inner selective pedant didn’t notice any grammatical mistakes.  Although others did.  Still, they are Romanian, and English isn’t their first language. It’s understandable.

Still, please read it.  I did enjoy it greatly, and thanks to Creative Tim for researching this.  Makes me wonder just how much globalisation really has benefited the world.  And how stupid those who believed that Romanians would overrun the country and shouted how terrible Romanians are as people actually are.  *cough cough UKIP cough cough*

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