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Welcome to 2015!!!

Welcome, dear followers, to 2015!!!  It’s the start of a new era in our lives. It’s the time where we can shake off the troubles of past years and continue evermore in our quest for enlightenment and self-fulfilment.

And only 11 more months until the new Star Wars movie comes out.

In any case, welcome to this new year.  I trust everyone has made resolutions to abstain from chocolate and to live healthy lives.  I also trust that these resolutions will fall apart within a few weeks because that’s what happens when someone tempts you with a pizza, a slice of double chocolate gateau with whipped cream and a Big Bang Theory marathon weekend (thanks, me).

Regardless, I hope that this personal blog will be enjoyable, entertaining, whimsical and yet relevant, with an underlined revisionist conceit that belies the site’s emotional attachments to the subject matter.  Expect plenty of opinions, memes, ramblings, and maybe a project or two.

See you soon!

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