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Something I found

Four cool, non-numeric naming conventions

So it’s no secret that Ikea has some unusual names for products, especially to an English-reading eye.  If I told you that I recently bought a “Bjorkasen”, you’d assume I had bought a child from an Icelandic singer.

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Freelancing on any budget, for any industry

As a freelancer, you are always restricted when it comes to your budget, and you have to stretch your budget in creative ways. Here are some of the tools I use to manage my work, my clients, and my business.

Something I found

2016: A Year in Review

Sometimes, you don’t need to make a big song and dance about what happened.  Sometimes, all you need to get your point across is a hand gesture and two words.

Something I found

Crash Course and SciShow

Hank and John Green might just have found the answer to the question "How to teach people complicated subjects in ten minutes." Ok, that's not really a question, but they've done it.

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